Army of the Dead: Viva Las Vengeance

Battle the Undead. Saving the Living.

Army of the Dead– NOW RECRUITING!
VR Experience
Ages 13+
Duration: 30+ Minutes

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Army of the Dead– NOW RECRUITING!

Based on the hit film “Army Of The Dead” by Zack Snyder, now streaming on Netflix, this original immersive experience will make you the star of the show.

Our fellow citizens are trapped inside the walls of zombie-infested Las Vegas, and Las Vengeance is the only crew that is brave enough to try to get them out. As you might imagine, we’re going to need some extra hands if we want a fighting chance at succeeding.

Las Vengeance Needs You

Step into the base, get your briefing from fellow crew member Cruz, and sneak inside the wall in your mission to save the civilians of Las Vegas. Put on your virtual reality (VR) headset and grab your gun for a zombie-shooting survival game inside a motorized taco truck—you’ll feel every turn! The plan: Get in. Rescue the survivors. Get out. (No promises on that last part.)

Experience Details & Restrictions

  • From suit-up to suit-down, experience lasts approximately 30 minutes.
  • Ticket does not guarantee immediate boarding onto attraction.
  • Final check-in is 30 minutes prior to experience closing.
  • Recommended for ages 13+. Recruits under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult ages 18+.
  • High-heels, sandals, and similar are not permitted due to safety concerns.
  • Wheelchair accessible. Must transfer.