Psychedelic Art House Meets Carnival Funhouse

WHAT THE &%$# IS WINK WORLD? Wink World is a visually and sonically dynamic exhibit created by Chris Wink, who is best known as being one of the three Co-Founders and the Chief Creative Officer of Blue Man Group.

At “Wink World: Portals Into the Infinite”, guests journey through six infinity mirror rooms; each containing a distinct combination of light, color, sound, and motion.

Wink drew upon his well-honed skills as an innovative experience designer, a music composer, and purveyor of high-impact multimedia entertainment to create a unique exhibit that celebrates life’s infinite possibilities.


  • Experience does not guarantee immediate entry.
  • Experience is approximately 20 minutes long and progresses through six timed rooms.
  • Younger guests can enjoy specially-created view portals in each room.
  • This experience makes use of strobe light effects. Those with sensitivities to such are advised not to enter.
Good for Groups
Suitable for All Ages
Available in a Bundled Ticket Pass