Haley’s Comet

Dip, soar, and glide down The Spine, the nerve center of AREA15, in a personal thrill-ride that’s like a hang-gliding, free-falling, zip-lining, and roller coaster hybrid. This is one of just a handful of rollgliders sprinkled across the planet, and the only one that utilizes two parallel tracks so you can race a friend. The best part? It’s as safe as it is pulse-spiking, so you can experience that last-moment-on-earth sensation and live to tell the tale.

Ride Restrictions:

  • Minimum Height: 54″
  • Maximum Height: 77″
  • Minimum Weight: 80lbs
  • Maximum Weight: 265lbs
  • Wheelchair Accessible – Must Transfer
  • Guests under the influence may not participate in this attraction.

* Limited Availability – Scheduled time allows entrance to the queue and does not guarantee immediate boarding. Wait times may take as long as 30+ minutes.

** Local discounts are available on experience tickets when purchased inside the venue. General Admission reservations are required for entry to AREA15.

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