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 A radically re-imagined retail, art and entertainment complex opening in Las Vegas in late 2019.

It's Retail

It's Entertainment

It's Art


An immersive bazaar, bizarrely immersive.

Located a short distance from The Strip, AREA15 weaves together immersive experiences, themed events, art installations, restaurants, bars, and nightlife.


Is Coming

    Projecting over 1 million visitors per year, Meow Wolf, AREA15’s anchor tenant, will develop unforgettable, imaginative experiences that delight audiences of all ages.

    Alongside Meow Wolf, AREA15 offers 126,000 square feet of infinitely customizable spaces for a curated collection of experiential and retail businesses. A natural fit for tech, gaming, and performance-based companies looking for something beyond a staid retail environment.



    Inspired by endless creativity, AREA15 blurs the line between fantasy and reality.  A fusion of innovation, art, entertainment, commerce, design, food & beverage and technology.

    Register now for more information or call 702.550.4937 to make an appointment.

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