Laser Maze

Outsmart the labyrinth of beams!

You have been recruited to navigate through this maze of lasers with finesse and precision. Every step could set off an alarm or trigger a trap. But fear not, for you are armed with quick reflexes, cunning strategy, and a knack for thinking on your feet.

As you step into the maze, the pulsating glow of the lasers casts an otherworldly aura around you, intensifying the thrill to beat the clock. You’ll need to channel your inner ninja as you leap, twist, and contort your way through the maze, dodging beams with the grace of a seasoned acrobat.


1) Avoid the Lasers – Gymnast agility will ensure you can get to the end

2) Beat the Clock – Superhero speed races against the clock for a successful heist

3) Break the Lasers – Action-star accuracy and stamina will get the highest points on the leaderboard

Experience Details & Restrictions

  • Comfortable shoes recommended
Eye Opening
Great for All Ages
Located in The Lab