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The Best Immersive Entertainment Experiences in Las Vegas

In a single year, about 42 million people visit Las Vegas. If you plan to be one of them in 2022, it’s important that you make time for some of the most unique Vegas attractions out there. The city doesn’t start and stop with flashing lights and casinos!

Immersive entertainment is one of the coolest ways to step out of your comfort zone while on your vacation. Read on to learn about some of the best things to do in Vegas if you’re looking to make interesting and unforgettable memories.

Alternate Reality

The emergence of metaverse technologies has us all wondering about the future of virtual reality (VR). However, you can experience an alternate reality in Vegas today. You can completely immerse yourself into a virtual world by entering free-roam environments. T

his full-body experience is complete with high-level haptics and 4D effects. You’ll experience the simulated reality’s scents, winds, heat, chills, textures, and more.

At Virtualis VR, there’s something for everyone. You can explore vast deserts or blast off into space. There are also multiplayer games within some VR spaces so that you can interact and engage with others.

Cinematic Experiences

If you love the 4D experience of an alternate reality, you also will likely enjoy cinematic immersion at Illuminarium. 

This complete sensory experience allows you to completely lose yourself in a film and become part of it. If you choose to see a film about space, for example, you’ll experience the sounds and textures of simulated moonwalking. Like at Virtualis, cutting-edge technology allows you to enter into a new world.

During the day, Illuminarium is a completely family-friendly experience. However, the evening changes it into a nightlife location for adults only. Whether you’re traveling with children or with friends, there’s something there for you.

Fly High With Birdly

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to fly, the Birdly VR experience is a great choice. From the moment that you put on the headset, you can simulate an aviation experience that gives you a view of the world from up above.

Of course, when we say that you can see the world, we mean that you can choose from realistic virtual reality landscapes. New York City is one of our simpler and more modern immersive experiences. You can look over Times Square, the Empire State Building, and more as you experience NYC’s sounds and lights.

Jurassic Flight is a great choice for those who want to go back in time. You can embody a flying dinosaur and look down at life below. Dinosaurs, plants, and flowers await.

You can also go mountain-diving with Birdly Wingsuit if you prefer. You can get as close to the ground and fall as quickly as you want while in the VR. This keeps you completely safe while giving you an adrenaline rush.

Battle Zombies (But Keep Your Brain)

Speaking of adrenaline, there’s nothing that kicks someone into high gear like a zombie apocalypse. While we probably won’t ever experience one in real life, you can emulate the event with immersive experiences. Army of the Dead is one of the most unique Vegas events that you need to try.

This simulation is made for everyone aged 13 and above. Over the course of half an hour, you’ll have the chance to play with a VR headset and simulated gun within a realistic-feeling food truck. One of the greatest parts of the simulated survival game is that you can feel the truck move as you rescue survivors from their zombie captors!

This experience is completely wheelchair accessible, but those running do need to follow some restrictions. Make sure that you don’t wear high heels or sandals for the sake of your safety (and that of those around you). Plus, since you’re going to sneak inside the simulated food truck walls, you don’t want to wear anything clunky!

Cluster’s Immersive AV

You don’t need to end your adventure when you’re tired from chasing zombies and soaring high above the dinosaurs. Art installations like Cluster synchronize light and sound to bring you to another virtual dimension. It’s an AV show unlike any other because of its emphasis on perception, abstract scenes, geometry, and psychic vibes.

Loud sounds, strobe lights, and fog effects work to enhance your experience. This light show explores interesting concepts such as space, time, and our place within it. The 12 minutes that you spend in this exhibit will have you thinking about perspective, perception, and reality for days.

Dueling Axes

Not all immersive entertainment needs to be through virtual reality. When you go to Vegas, you’re basically entering a portal to another world already. Dueling Axes is an 18+ ax-throwing bar where you and up to 5 friends can hit your target.

This venue also serves as a type of sports bar. It has a full-service bar with dozens of types of alcohol. It also has a private VIP room for those who want to relax and retreat.

Every Friday and Saturday, you can come for an even cooler immersive experience beginning at 8 PM. This “cosmic throwing experience” lets you enter a blacklight-reactive environment with bright colors, bottle service, and specialty booze. You can wear blacklight-reactive apparel and accessories to stand out while you throw axes as well!

Have Fun With Immersive Entertainment

While there are tons of awesome things to do in Vegas, immersive entertainment is one of the most interesting. It’s difficult to find these experiences anywhere else, so make sure to find something you love while on your trip.

AREA15 has all of these awesome attractions and more. Get an entry pass online to ensure that you have access to either family-friendly or adult immersive events.