AREA15 Radiance Program

Immersive Wellness Experiences

Rhythm Ritual

Rhythm Ritual

Rhythms carry ancient codes of creation, healing, transmutation and celebration. Our bodies hold these codes, and when we activate them, we are entering into a dance with the forces of life itself. Come dance your prayers and activate your internal rhythms through an embodied ritual of yoga, primal movement, sound healing, music, and ecstatic dance.

Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance Las Vegas

Ecstatic Dance is a movement experience and global sub-culture from Thailand to Los Angeles. Now, there is an Ecstatic Dance Las Vegas (EDLV) facilitated and created by Marissa Romero. EDLV is an environment for all ages, genders, and sizes to come together and DANCE IT OUT.

Frequency Breathwork Session at AREA15


Allow yourself the deep exploration of a psychedelic experience through the power and safety of your own oxygen supply, coupled with gorgeous immersive visuals wrapping around the space, your body and your mind.

The Sacred Lounge Web Cover

the sacred lounge

Open up your creative pathways and dive deeper into mind, body and spiritual health through movement, meditation, and sound bath healing experiences to empower and awaken our community.

The Sacred Lounge Web Cover


Entheo Psychedelic Soul Journeys combines the ancient wisdom of ritual and ceremony with modern technologies and tools to harness the full psychedelic power of the human experience.