Interstellar Saturdays

Access Granted

Alter your nightlife experience and discover a place that does not exist anywhere in Las Vegas. Once you secure your Interstellar Saturdays admission pass, the drinks flow, DJs spin, and your AREA15 adventure begins.


Secure your Interstellar Saturdays admission pass and gain complimentary access to Museum Fiasco a light and sound experience; laser lightshow inside the Spine; and live DJs at Oddwood Bar and Asylum Bar & Arcade; Silent Disco inside The Sanctuary; and more surprise and delights.

Details + Restrictions

  • Interstellar Saturdays admission pass required on Saturday nights, after 9 PM.
  • Must be 18+ with a valid ID to enter.
  • PRICING | Weekend Night Admission is $10 when purchased in advance, online.
  • PRICING | Weekend Night Admission is $15 if purchased at the door.
  • For information on AREA15 Entry Pass, click HERE.
  • Interstellar Saturdays admission is waived for guests with pre-booked experiences, event tickets, reservations, or special event invitations at any of the venues inside AREA15.
*AREA15 Management reserves all rights to hold or delay entry into the complex for any reason.

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