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AREA15 is changing the way you party. Introducing AREA15 Massives. 

Massives are a hybrid between your typical concert and over-the-top festival experiences. A place where music, art, performance, and spectacle collide. 

AREA15 Massives transport to another world. Encouraging you to show up as your most authentic self, embrace the future, and become part of the experience.  

Pick your realm

New Year's Eve w/ Boris Brejcha at AREA15

Dec 31, 2023


Massively more than a party

Find your flow

Discover what happens when you enter an AREA15 Massive. From the moment you walk through our portal, you’ll be transported down the rabbit hole, through the gates of an enchanted forest, a neon-lit rave wonderland, the summer camp of your dreams, a haunted shipwreck isle, or galaxies filled with psychedelic, otherworldly creatures. 

No AREA15 Massive is complete without YOU and the energy you bring. We’ll spend the night dressed in our best costumes, dancing underneath the stars and sparkling lights, surrounded by thousands of our closest friends, making memories to last us a lifetime.  

Revel in the Experince 

Every detail of an AREA15 Massive is specially curated, just for you. The music. The décor. The performers. The art. The food and drinks. The light and sound. Each element of the Massive atmosphere brings a surprise around every corner to discover, where the imagination can run wild, and the possibilities are limitless.  

Explore multiple indoor and outdoor stages, performances by world-renowned and up-and-coming artists, alluring characters, interactive photo and art installations, and much more. 

You came. You saw. You partied all night. Won’t you join us on our next adventure?