AREA15 is changing the landscape of entertainment in Las Vegas. Our Massives blends intimate concerts with large-scale festival magic. Returning for 2024 are four main immersive experiences, including We’re All Mad Here, Secret Garden, Galactic Zoo, and ScAREA15. Each Massive includes access to AREA15, live performances and entertainment, diverse music, and interactive art. Enter a world of three-dimensional superstructures and vibrant environments where imagination is on over-drive and costumes are currency. Join the celebration, where every element crafts an extraordinary journey.

Elevate your energy

Step into the extraordinary world of AREA15, where immersive themes transport you to enchanting realms. In 2024, expect cutting-edge additions—entertainment, performers, gourmet delights, and diverse musical experiences. Adorn yourself in mesmerizing costumes, dance beneath the celestial radiance of stars and lights, and share these magical moments within the captivating embrace of Massives

Experience the thrill

Every element of a Massive is meticulously curated, creating an experience where imagination knows no bounds. From music to décor, performers to art, food, and drinks, each aspect holds a surprise around every corner, waiting to be discovered. Explore multiple indoor and outdoor stages featuring performances by world-renowned artists. Encounter alluring characters, interact with photo and art installations, and much more.

Choose your Realm

We’re All Mad Here

We delved into a realm where reality merged with fantasy, led by Charlotte de Witte. Mad Hatter’s Tea Party magic filled A-Lot, Portal, and The Wall, with whimsical cups and nonsensical riddles. Stepping through the looking glass at AREA15 revealed an enchanting wonderland: interactive displays, hypnotic art, and festival vendors. Amidst joyous laughter, guests followed the white rabbit into the unknown.

Secret Garden

AREA15 extends the immersive experiences of Massives with Secret Garden on May 4th with Dombresky. Guests will discover a hidden paradise unveiled by multiple stages, performers, and artists. The secrets unfolded through pulsating beats, lush landscapes, vibrant dancefloors, and captivating lights. Strut hidden rave pathways as each turn reveals a new disco adventure.

Galactic Zoo

Venture into the mysterious realms where the boundaries of space and time blur, and immerse yourself in an otherworldly adventure under the stars. This space-themed party promises cosmic delights, multiple music stages, mesmerizing performers, festival-style vendors, and craft makers, all within the full-venue Massive experience.

ScAREA15 Halloween

Step into the haunting realm of ScAREA15 – a Halloween zombie party like no other at AREA15. Join us for a frightful festivity where the undead come alive, and the fear is very, very real. Get ready for a night filled with undead delights, pulsating beats, and spine-tingling surprises within these mysterious walls.

Festival Adventure, Concert Connection

You reveled. You danced through the night. Will you be there for our next exhilarating odyssey? Join us and let the adventure continue!