How to Plan a Vegas Zipline Adventure for a Bachelor Party

People are zipping into marriages. More than two million couples tied the knot in 2019.

Bachelor parties proceeded many of these marriages. Most of the parties were typical affairs, with lots of alcohol and strip clubs. If you want to make a bachelor party memorable, you need to do something distinct.

What can a Vegas zipline offer for your bachelor party? How can you plan out a great Vegas bachelor party? What are some other activities that work well for a zip line party?

Answer these questions and you can create an incredible experience that you will remember for a lifetime. Here is your quick guide.

The Basics of Ziplining

A zipline is a pulley that hangs off of a cable. You are clipped into the pulley, and you travel along the cable while being propelled by gravity.

Ziplining provides several thrills. You travel very quickly, faster than you can walk or run. You get to see beautiful sights from angles you cannot duplicate unless you go ziplining again.

Ziplining in Vegas can take you over the Las Vegas Strip. You can see the casinos and the natural wonders of the city. You can also stay indoors and zip line when the weather is cold or rainy.

Many people are concerned about ziplining. Yet riders wear secure harnesses and helmets. The cable sags so you will stop gently and not sustain whiplash.

Yet ziplining is not for everyone. Someone who is afraid of heights may feel too scared to go ziplining. You should talk to your doctor if you have a heart problem, as ziplining can cause your heart rate to go up very quickly.

Planning a Vegas Bachelor Party

Whatever you want to do during your bachelor party, you need to plan ahead. 72% of weddings occur between May and October.

If you are scheduling your wedding for that time period, you need to make bachelor party reservations a few months in advance. Popular attractions will book up quickly, and you will lose out on opportunities if you wait.

Start by figuring out what you will do. Find a few different bachelor party ideas. You can do several ideas within one party, especially if your party will last longer than one day.

Then figure out where you will stay. Many hotels offer special bachelor party packages. You can buy enough rooms for your guests at affordable prices.

You should find a budget for your bachelor party. You can give yourself a little wiggle room for the prices, but try not to go too high. You may have to do some extensive research in order to find cheaper options for attractions.

You should find a hotel that is near your desired attractions. You can think about where you want to eat and drink, though you can improvise on the night of your party.

Most bachelor parties are planned without the knowledge of the soon-to-be groom. But you should figure out a party that they will enjoy.

Incorporating a Vegas Zipline Into Your Bachelor Party

As with any other kind of bachelor party, you need to plan a ziplining event and book reservations in advance. Make sure you have an idea of how many attendees will be at your party. During high-demand months, you may need to pick a timeslot for your ziplining.

The more people you have, the more money you will pay. But ziplining packages tend to be inexpensive, even for large groups.

Keep in mind that ziplining is a relatively short activity. You will not be on the zipline for a long period of time. You may spend some time waiting around and watching the other attendees go on the zipline.

If you plan on having alcohol during the party, you should drink after you go ziplining. Ziplining has a risk to it, and being intoxicated can increase your risk for an accident.

You should also bring a few things as possible on the zipline. Some people like to take photographs from the zipline, only to drop their phone on the ground.

Accompanying Activities 

Several different venues offer ziplining in Las Vegas. You should pick a venue that lets you go zip lining as one part of your experience.

Flight simulators provide similar experiences to ziplining. They make you feel as though you are flying, but you remain on the ground and incur no risk. You can provide a simulator as an alternative for people who are scared of ziplining, and you can do it after you go ziplining.

You can also do ax throwing. You can receive lessons on ax throwing, and you can compete with your friends.

If you want to wind down after ziplining, you can go to a video arcade. You can have your drinks while you try out different games.

You can also find interactive art experiences. Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience lets you step inside some of the world’s greatest paintings. Projections of art serve as a good backdrop for group portraits and selfies.

Ride the Best Zipline in Las Vegas

A Vegas zipline creates a great bachelor party. It lets you travel high and fast across Las Vegas.

A zipline works best as one component of a bachelor party. You need to book your reservations for all activities a few months in advance.

After you go ziplining, you can do other activities. You can ramp things up with flight simulators and ax throwing. You can wind down by playing some arcade games or going through interactive art experiences.

Find a venue where you can do whatever you want. Area15 offers exhilarating experiences for bachelor parties. Plan your event today.