The Polish Ambassador

Live in the Portal with Support by Tone Ranger
Put on your best dancing shoes, The Polish Ambassador is taking over the Portal on Friday, July 22. Get ready for a special double headlining set outer space dance party with support by Tone Ranger.


  • Doors open at 9:00 PM.
  • Must be 21+ with a valid ID or driver’s license to enter.


Musician. Producer. Beatsmith. Recording artist. Composer. Dance-floor general. Label-head. A mystery man of many hats, The Polish Ambassador rocks more than just a trademark jumpsuit, authoring sublime, intentional artistic works, animated safaris in technicolor sound. At first breath, The Polish Ambassador was an experiment, David Sugalski’s sound-art passion project that came to life. An inventive, imaginary character born of humble, humorous beginnings, he found his first audiences through the support of primitive digital radio stations. Today, TPA is among the premier EDM/live crossover artists in the country with millions of listeners around the world; he’s consistently in-demand at the live music-focused gatherings and boutique electronic festivals from coast to coast. Founder of independent label Jumpsuit Records, an environmentalist and early progenitor of the permaculture action movement, the world’s funkiest diplomat is here to party with a purpose.


Tone Ranger (AKA Alex Simon) makes dance and ambient music that reflects the supernatural beauty of the American Southwest. Uniting light and shadow, chaos and order, future and retro, he weaves daring electronic compositions designed for the dance floor. Having spent the last two years living and working in Native nations across the Plains and the Southwest, Alex is inspired primarily by the American landscape and the stories that come from it.