Rhythm Ritual

The Art of Sacred Movement and Sound

Our body is a temple.
Our movement is a ritual.
The rhythms of life live within us.
Our dance with life is a wild way of worship.

Come flow with us through an embodied ritual of yoga, primal movement, sound healing, music, and ecstatic dance. 

The rhythms of life exist all around and within us. From the rising and setting of the sun, to the phases of the moon to our own heartbeat and breath, we live in a rhythmic world, and we are constantly being invited to dance with life and flow with these rhythms.

Movement is not just about getting a workout. Music is so much more than just entertainment. These things are powerful medicine and tools for growth.

Rhythms carry ancient codes of creation, healing, transmutation and celebration. Our bodies hold these codes, and when we activate them, we are entering into a dance with the forces of life itself. We are accessing our own primal wisdom that lives in our cells and bringing ourselves into an embodied state of remembrance and relationship with all of life through our body temple.

In this ritual, we will combine the art of sacred movement and sound to guide you into a deep experience of embodied presence. We will use guided dance, martial arts, yoga and moving mantras to drop in and open the body and chanting to open the voice, followed by an ecstatic dance to a live DJ set. We will close with breathwork to clear and ground the nervous system and a beautiful soundbath to anchor the energy and bring us into a state of deep relaxation.

Each month, we will work with a different theme based on the natural rhythms and energies present at the time. Through our practice, we will anchor these energies in our bodies and learn to access their unique rhythms.

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Experience Details & Restrictions

  • LOCATION | The Wall
  • Doors open 15 minutes before class.
  • AGES | All ages welcome
  • Bring a yoga mat or towel
AREA15 and Dana Kay are not responsible for any injury or loss of property sustained while on property. Management reserves all rights.

Rhythm Ritual

The Art of Sacred Movement and Sound

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