The Teaches of Peaches

Anniversary Tour

Feminist icon and pop provocateur Peaches celebrates 20 years of her iconic album The Teaches of Peaches. Performing the album in its entirety, Peaches brings wild, non-stop energy to the Portal on Sunday, August 14. Support to be announced.  


  • Doors open at 9:00 PM.
  • Must be 18+ with a valid ID or driver’s license to enter.
  • Limit eight (8) tickets per order.


An iconic feminist musician, producer, director, and performance artist, Peaches has spent more than two decades pushing boundaries and breaking barriers, dramatically altering the landscape of popular culture as she forged a bold, sexually progressive path that’s opened the doors for countless others to follow. Through music, art, film, theater, television, and books, she has upended stereotypes and embraced taboos, challenging social norms and patriarchal power structures while championing LGBTQ+ rights and issues of gender and sexual identity with biting wit and fearless originality. She first catapulted to international stardom with her “surreally funny [and] nasty” (Rolling Stone) 2000 debut, The Teaches of Peaches, an album which upended stereotypes and embraced taboos as it introduced the world to Peaches’ raunchily explosive persona. Since then, she’s released four more critically acclaimed albums prompting the New York Times to dub her a “genuine heroine” and Uncut to rave that she brings together “high art, low humor, and deluxe filth [in] a hugely seductive combination.” In addition to collaborating with everyone from Daft Punk and The Flaming Lips, to P!nk, and Yoko Ono her music has been honored with the prestigious Polaris Heritage Prize, and been featured in cultural watermarks like Lost In Translation, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Broad City, and studied at universities around the world.