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Night Lovell

I Hope You’re Happy Tour

Night Lovell, emerging from Ottawa, blends darkness and artistry with his deep voice and eerie production. Inspired by local musicians, his father’s name, Lovell, became integral to his stage identity. Starting with beats, Lovell transitioned to performing and connecting with his audience. ‘Dark Light,’ his gold-certified debut, marked his unique style in dark trap and underground hip-hop. Graduating from high school, Lovell embarked on solo tours, forging an intimate bond with fans worldwide. Signing with G59 in 2021, he released ‘Just Say You Don’t Care’ and embarked on the second Grey Day tour. Anticipation surrounds his 2023 album, ‘I Hope You’re Happy,’ promising a fresh perspective on Lovell’s life and emotions.


event Details + restrictions 

  • Doors open at 7 p.m.
  • 18+
  • Must be 21+ to consume alcohol.
  • LOCATION |The Portal inside AREA15
  • NOTICE | Tickets purchased via third-party or resale outside AREA15 channels may not be valid and may be refused entry.

About Night Lovell

Night Lovell has captivated audiences with his deep voice and eerie production, blending the realms of darkness and artistry. Hailing from Ottawa, he found inspiration in local musicians, particularly his father, whose middle name, Lovell, became integral to his stage identity. The name “Night” symbolizes Lovell’s affinity for the nighttime, fueling his late-night music creation.

Although surrounded by music and drumming in his upbringing, Lovell’s musical journey truly began at 17 when he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. Starting with beat-making, he soon realized his passion for on-stage performance and connecting deeply with his audience. Exploring rap over his beats, he released his debut, ‘Dark Light,’ which earned gold certification, showcasing his unique style in dark trap and underground hip-hop.

Building momentum, Lovell released his first album, ‘Concept Vague,’ in 2014, following his high school graduation. His first solitary European tour allowed him to form an intimate connection with fans who proved to be die-hard, singing along to every song despite language barriers. Subsequent releases like ‘Red Teenage Melody’ and collaborations with $uicideboy$ marked milestones in Lovell’s career.

In 2021, Lovell signed with G59, founded by $uicideboy$, and dropped ‘Just Say You Don’t Care,’ accompanying it with his largest tour, the second Grey Day tour. He continued to be a prominent figure, releasing singles, touring, and preparing for his next album. Anticipation surrounds ‘I Hope You’re Happy,’ slated for a 2023 release. The somewhat sarcastic title hints at an unapologetic reflection on the world’s role in shaping Lovell’s life. This album distinguishes itself through Lovell’s sound experimentation, offering a fresh perspective and evolution in his music. ‘I Hope You’re Happy’ invites listeners to delve into the depths of Lovell’s emotions and experiences, both positive and negative, shaping him into the artist he is today.

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