The Get Down at AREA15


by Hybrids Crew

Where: The Wall inside AREA15

It’s time to Get Down Las Vegas! Presented by AREA15, The Get Down by Hybrids Crew is a night of good vibes and great music. Host to the extremely talented Las Vegas street dance community, come and be immersed in a fun, high energy environment like no other – with drinks, dancing, and music that will get you moving.

Experience the electrifying atmosphere of a dance cypher where individual expression takes center stage. A dance cypher, originating from hip-hop and street dance culture, invites dancers to form an open circle, taking turns to showcase their creativity and skills. It’s an inclusive, joyful, and community-building event that celebrates the art of freestyle dance.

Be sure to come dressed to impress to win the “Flyest Fit’ award and the best dancer of the night will be crowned as the “Dopest Dancer”! Did we mention that it’s a completely FREE EVENT?! So don’t miss out! Pull up. GET DOWN.

Upcoming Dates

• Tuesday, July 30th, in The Wall
• Wednesday, August 28th, in The Wall

Details + Restrictions

Doors open at 8:00 p.m.
ⓘ DANCE STYLE | Cypher. Cypher is a freestyle dance jam where an open circle is created, and people take turns dancing in the center.
LOCATION | The Wall inside AREA15.
ⓘ NOTICE | Tickets purchased via third-party or resale outside AREA15 channels may not be valid and may be refused entry.