The Conscious Breath Experience

The Frequency Breathwork allows us to explore non-ordinary states of consciousness, consciously. Allow yourself the deep exploration of a psychedelic experience through the power and safety of your own oxygen supply, coupled with gorgeous immersive visuals wrapping around the space, your body and your mind.  

In this liminal space the breath allows us to release stuck and suppressed negative emotions and trauma in the body to make space for healing to occur. Through the Frequency Breathwork Practice we can experience deep feelings of self-love, gratitude and joy. Breathwork has been scientifically shown to activate DMT (the psychoactive component of Ayahuasca) endogenously in the body, and often tears, laughter and unexpected feelings and emotions surface as we move through and release layers of conscious and subconscious programming, patterns, behaviors and addictions. 


  • Class starts at 7:00 PM
  • Guided by instructors from The Frequency Breathwork
  • BYOM (Bring Your Own Mats) and something for your head*


Frequency is a first-of-its-kind immersive art and breathwork studio based in NYC. Our mission is to make emotional wellbeing accessible to all. At Frequency, we breathe to attune our personal vibration and to connect to unlimited possibilities of being, through breath. We breathe to connect through an open heart with others and the world around us. And together we breathe, and together we rise.

*AREA15 is not responsible for any injury or loss or property sustained while on property. Management reserves all rights.