Felix Cartal

2023 Tour in The Wall

Felix Cartal’s melodic house style creates a delicate balance of buzzing, energetic dance anthems and softer, atmospheric love-themed tracks. Don’t miss the Canadian producer’s AREA15 debut, as he takes over The Wall on Friday, November 10.

event Details & Restrictions

  • Doors open at 9:00 PM.
  • Must be 18+ with valid driver’s license or ID to enter.
  • Must be 21+ to consume alcohol.
  • LOCATION | The Wall inside AREA15
  • NOTICE | Tickets purchased via third-party or resale outside AREA15 channels may not be valid and may be refused entry.

About Felix Cartal

Felix Cartal, the talented DJ, producer, and songwriter from Vancouver, is known for his ingenuity and reliability, much like the iconic steam clock in his hometown. Despite the challenges of the past year, he has been working hard on his fourth album, “Expensive Sounds For Nice People,” which reflects his duality and attention to detail.
The album features collaborations with various artists, showcasing his freedom to work with others and explore different genres. One of the album’s singles, “The Life,” carries a message about the superficiality of social media. Felix’s collaborations with Sophie Simmons and Lights have been successful, with two platinum singles and a JUNO award. Felix’s dedication to honing his craft is evident in his work with Norwegian duo Hanna Mjøen and Jim Bergstad on two tracks. “Expensive Sounds” offers a diverse range of songs, with Felix focusing on enhancing the songwriting and production. He also engages with his audience through Twitch shows, connecting with aspiring producers and supporting new talent.
Felix Cartal’s love for music and determination to inspire and create continue to drive him forward, promising even more expensive sounds for nice people in the future.

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