Ecstatic Dance Las Vegas

A movement experience and global sub-culture

Ecstatic Dance is a movement experience and global sub-culture from Thailand to Los Angeles. Now, there is an Ecstatic Dance Las Vegas (EDLV) facilitated and created by Marissa Romero. EDLV is an environment for all ages, genders, and sizes to come together and DANCE IT OUT. It is a space held specifically for people to express, move, and dance freely in a safe, judge-free, substance-free zone. Ecstatic Dances can induce feelings of release, freedom, laughter, bliss, and more. It’s a vibe. It’s an experience. It’s a community. It’s Ecstatic Dance Las Vegas.

See ya’ll on the dance floor!

July 17th
Movement Warm-Up with Marissa

Marissa Romero is the founder and facilitator of Ecstatic Dance Las Vegas. She will be leading a connective and playful warm up that incorporates elements of Contact Beyond Contact, contact improvisation, self awareness, exploration, and presence.



Multidimensional Avatar of Robert Stern and originally Master Light Illuminator, SourceLight22 has morphed and expanded his expression using Music and DJing. With over 20 Years of curating VibeZ via DJ Sets, you can bet on a grooving experience that will keep you dancing. SourceLight22 will have you reaching into the depths of your being-ness. SourceLight22 brings melodic rhythms and vibrational tones that will activate the cells within your being to ecstatic states.


Sound Healing
Najib Saab

Najib is a multi-talented musician dedicated to facilitating transformative spiritual growth journeys through his unique blend of music and sacred medicine. As the founder of 963 Tribe Church, Najib combines ancient wisdom with modern sounds to create deeply immersive and healing musical experiences.

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Experience Details & Restrictions

  • The dance floor is a sacred space; no phone, shoes, or talking on the dance floor.
  • Sober environment.
  • All ages, genders, & sizes.
  • Judge-free be free dance space.

* AREA15 is not responsible for any injury, loss or theft of property. Management reserves all rights.

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