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Ecstatic Dance Las Vegas

A movement experience and global sub-culture

Ecstatic Dance is a movement experience and global sub-culture from Thailand to Los Angeles. Now, there is an Ecstatic Dance Las Vegas (EDLV) facilitated and created by Marissa Romero. EDLV is an environment for all ages, genders, and sizes to come together and DANCE IT OUT. It is a space held specifically for people to express, move, and dance freely in a safe, judge-free, substance-free zone. Ecstatic Dances can induce feelings of release, freedom, laughter, bliss, and more. It’s a vibe. It’s an experience. It’s a community. It’s Ecstatic Dance Las Vegas.

See ya’ll on the dance floor!

March 12th

DJ Manifesto’s proclamation in life of blending the violin and electronic music, has been a lifelong process. He picked up his first violin at age five and his first set of turntables at 11 when his local YMCA invited him to DJ an event. After, he took over his father’s recording studio and began producing music.

DJ Manifesto has played over 1,500 shows throughout his career, sharing the stage with artists including Paul Van Dyk, Nadia Ali and Victor Calderone. He had a stint as half of Los Angeles-based duo Rome Will Burn, a group that garnered over a million Spotify plays and earned him the opportunity to work closely with Randy Jackson and world-renowned composer David Campbell.

The artist now resides in Las Vegas, a city that, much like his output, embraces both amazing production & futuristic technology. Here he continues to evolve his artistry and spread his music – his true Manifesto in life.

Movement Warm-Up
Embodied Yoga with Louise (Bring a mat!)

Find your flow with an embodied yoga practice led by Louise Holcomb. With a focus on breath, mind and body connection, this Embodied Yoga Flow is designed to get you out of your head, and into your body- bringing you closer to wholeness within yourself.

Louise is an experienced, trauma-informed yoga teacher who loves to create an inviting, safe space for self-expression within her classes. Enjoy heart-and-hip-opening movements designed to make you feel good, stretch your body, and release tension and stress from your mind through this yoga practice!

Follow @ecstaticdancelasvegas on IG to be updated about future dances.

Experience Details & Restrictions

  • The dance floor is a sacred space; no phone, shoes, or talking on the dance floor.
  • Sober Environment
  • All Ages, Genders, & Sizes
  • Judge-free Be Free dance space.

* AREA15 is not responsible for any injury, loss or theft of property. Management reserves all rights.

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