Ecstatic Dance Las Vegas

A movement experience and global sub-culture

Ecstatic Dance is a movement experience and global sub-culture from Thailand to Los Angeles. Now, there is an Ecstatic Dance Las Vegas (EDLV) facilitated and created by Marissa Romero. EDLV is an environment for all ages, genders, and sizes to come together and DANCE IT OUT. It is a space held specifically for people to express, move, and dance freely in a safe, judge-free, substance-free zone. Ecstatic Dances can induce feelings of release, freedom, laughter, bliss, and more. It’s a vibe. It’s an experience. It’s a community. It’s Ecstatic Dance Las Vegas.

See ya’ll on the dance floor!

June 13th

Sunshine Flow with Merriliz Monzon

Welcome the warmth of summer with juicy hip openers, abdominal strengthening, heart-open movement and a reverence for your season of celebration.

Merriliz Monzon, founder of Yin City®, is a Mindset & Relationship Coach who blends movement and yogic technology to guide individuals to self-discovery and emotional mastery. She produces Las Vegas’s Radiance Wellness + Music Festival and leads corporate leadership trainings and retreats, featured on KTLA5 and CBS.


HOHM, created by Anthony Weiss, is a musical expression of sound healing and organic house production. Anthony, known for being part of Cloud People with his twin brother, creates transformative rituals through pulsating basslines and hypnotic rhythms, guiding participants on a voyage of self-discovery and liberation. His music serves as a beacon of light, reminding listeners of their boundless potential and inviting them to embrace life with abandon and celebrate the beauty of humanity.

Sound Healing

Neo Monks

Lucas & Marcus Cross, also known as Neo Monks, are ambassadors of sound healing and cultural exchange, dedicated to preserving shamanic traditions through their music. With nearly a decade of experience, their performances serve as catalysts for inner transformation and unity among people of all backgrounds. Through their closing ceremonies featuring didgeridoo and handpan, Neo Monks invite audiences to reconnect with themselves and the natural world in a serene yet playful manner.

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Experience Details & Restrictions

  • The dance floor is a sacred space; no phone, shoes, or talking on the dance floor.
  • Sober environment.
  • All ages, genders, & sizes.
  • Judge-free be free dance space.

* AREA15 is not responsible for any injury, loss or theft of property. Management reserves all rights.

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