Oddwood Bar inside AREA15

Oddwood inside AREA15

As you sip on your consummately crafted cocktail – expertly prepared by our mixologist virtuosos – you’ll take it all in, marveling at the tree, from afar or while sitting underneath it. The spacious clearing that is the bar, its details comprised of an array of wood as diverse as a forest, mingling with an exceptional display of nature’s geometry, fashioned from brass and bronze.

See you in the clearing.

Amidst a collision of metal, sculpture and worn wood is a 23-foot-tall digital maple tree centerpiece, each of her 5,000 leaves lined with individually-programmed LED lights creating mesmerizing patterns with every conceivable color in the universe. Our tree pulses with you, for you, as you, in a breathtaking spectacle of art revering nature.

All-encompassing sound and intuitive lights that immerse you completely, suffusing your senses; transporting you to a place you’ve been before, you’re just not sure where.

Oddwood at AREA15 bar