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From fire-breathing dragons to projection-mapped head-trips, AREA15 does art at a level that only Vegas can handle. Here, the art is anything but pictures on a wall: it’s multi-dimensional, interactive, and ever-changing. We invite you to come wander, wonder, gawk, and gasp, no matter who you are and what makes you tick.

Art Experiences

Meet the Art


Henry Chang Design

Shogyo Mujo

BARTKRESA Studio and Josh Harker

The Sanctuary

Elora Hardy | Ibuku Design Studio

Mechan 9

Tyler Fuqua Creations

Infinity Ship No.1

Matt Elson
Art Island

More art Galaxy

Than art Gallery

Experience larger-than-life pieces from the world’s wildest festivals. Art Island is an outdoor gallery that’s more like a galaxy, showcasing dynamic, multi-dimensional works from avant-garde events and artists across the globe. Fall in love with something? Good news— this art is for sale.

El Scorcho

Ivan McLean

Giant Disco

Ivan McLean


Alchemy Arts

Pulse Portal

Davis McCarty

Fall in love
with something?

Good news—this art is for sale.