6 Tips for Finding the Best Events in Las Vegas

Since the 1950s, Las Vegas has been one of the premier locations in the country for live entertainment. If you’re visiting Vegas, one of the first questions you’ll want to answer is which of these shows you want to see. But with so many available, how do you choose where to spend your limited time in the city?

There are a few ways you can find the best events in Las Vegas. Read on to discover how you can make sure your time in Sin City is well-spent.

  1. Search Online

One of the quickest ways to find shows in Las Vegas is to run an online search. Casinos, performance groups, and hotels are always working on advertising the current shows they have running. A quick search will turn up dozens of results for the many shows going on in Las Vegas at any given time.

Since there are so many shows in Vegas, you may want to narrow down your search parameters a bit. For instance, searching for “magic show Las Vegas” can give you better results than a general search. You can also search with the range of dates you’ll be in town to filter out shows outside of your visit.

  1. Check the City Calendar

If you want to get a good overall view of what Vegas has to offer during your time there, the city calendar is a fantastic resource. The Las Vegas city government maintains a website with an events calendar that’s always updating. They display both shows that are going on and other Las Vegas events you may be interested in attending.

If you’re staying at one of the major hotels or casinos, you can also check their event calendars for show options. This won’t give you as comprehensive a view as the city calendar, but it can help to show you opportunities that are nearby. Depending on how far away your trip is, you might want to check back every few weeks to see if any new events have been added.

  1. Look at Venues Near Your Hotel

Depending on what hotel you’re staying at, they may not have in-house shows playing during your visit. But car rentals and rideshares are expensive, so you may want to stay within walking distance during your visit. The wonderful thing about Vegas is that there’s a good chance there’s a show playing near your hotel during the time you’re in town.

Check the area around your hotel and see what venues are within walking distance (keeping in mind that not every area of Vegas is walkable). Look at the Las Vegas event calendars for those venues and see what shows they are playing during the dates of your visit.

  1. Ask the Concierge

In some cases, you may find yourself with an unexpected evening to yourself during your trip to Vegas. Trying to research shows can take long enough that you might not have time to make the show by the time you figure out which one you want to go to. You need a local expert who can help you find a show and get tickets within just a few minutes.

The concierge at your hotel specializes in knowing which shows are playing, which ones will still have tickets available, and which ones are worth the time. If you find yourself looking for entertainment in the city, visit their desk and ask for a recommendation. Let them know what sort of shows you’re interested in, or just follow their best recommendation, and you’re almost guaranteed to have a good time.

  1. Talk to Friends and Family 

Finding which shows are playing is simple enough, but how do you know which ones are worth your money and time? You could spend your entire visit to Vegas attending shows and still not see a tenth of what the city has to offer. You have to prioritize, but it can be hard to know which shows live up to the hype.

If you have any family or friends who have visited Las Vegas recently, ask them what shows they attended. Ask how they liked them, what the venue was like, and whether they would choose to see the show again. If the show itself wasn’t good, but the venue was excellent, try checking that venue’s calendar to see if they have any other shows you’d be interested in.

  1. Go for a Walk 

One of the best things about Las Vegas is that, depending on where you are, there’s entertainment anywhere you turn. In some areas of the city, you’ll find venues and performances every few blocks, and that’s without counting the entertainment the casinos provide. Finding a great show to go to can be as simple as taking a walk down the street.

If you’re in a spontaneous mood, make your way to the busier areas of town and start heading down the sidewalk. Read the signs as you go and stop when you find a show that sounds interesting to you. Keep in mind that many of these venues may already be sold out, but if you find a smaller show, you may be in for an unexpected delight.

Find the Best Events in Las Vegas

When you visit Las Vegas, the question is less “Will I be able to find a good show?” and more “What show do I want to see tonight?” Finding the best events in Las Vegas is a matter of doing your homework, checking the venues around you, and talking to people who know the area. Run an online search, check venues near (or in) your hotel, or just go for a walk down the Strip.

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