Positioned in the Portal

Tap into a higher version of yourself with an immersive yoga class taught by Dray Gardner in The Portal. Build strength, create awareness and bring your mind and body connection to a new level. Enjoy a class experience like no other, surrounded by state of the art sound and 360 degree projections that will envelope you as you continue your practice.


  • $25 per person
  • BYOM – Bring your own mats*


Dray Gardner was once crippled by a life-threatening automobile accident and his doctor suggested back surgery; However, he insisted on a more holistic approach. Yoga allowed his mind and body to have brand new experiences – teaching him balance, discipline, focus, determination, strength, flexibility, and peace of mind through meditation. As Dray would say, “You owe you.” Because of personal experiences, he believes that his purpose is to help others evolve into their best self. It was in learning the science behind yoga and how the practice supports every muscle, tendon, joint and organ down to a cellular level that truly hooked Gardner, leading him to what has now become his life’s work and dharma. Dray’s time is dedicated to cultivating the most unique and transformative yoga experiences and offering his knowledge, strength and commitment to the people of the community.

*AREA15 is not responsible for any injury or loss or property sustained while on property. Management reserves all rights.