Burlesque Las Vegas: A Complete Guide

by | Oct 19, 2021

Vegas — it’s one of those iconic American urban locations that everyone just has to say. Las Vegas represents glamor, style, and the splendor of the American dream.

Before the pandemic, it would bring in close to 50 million visitors a year — that’s more than the population of most countries. With COVID restrictions lifting, you can bet people will be back to visiting Vegas in no time.

Burlesque Las Vegas shows are some of the most popular Las Vegas activities. While strip clubs are popular throughout the world, going to a burlesque show in Las Vegas is a uniquely theatrical, comedic, sensual, and visual experience that you’ll likely never experience anywhere else.

Have you found yourself Googling “Cabaret show Las Vegas” in an attempt to find the right events for you? Then you’ve come to the right place. This article will act as your Burlesque Events Las Vegas guide.

What Makes a Great Burlesque Show?

The great burlesque tradition goes all the way back to the 17th century. The word, burlesque, is derived from the Italian word burlesco’, a form of the word ‘burla’ meaning mockery, parody, fib, joke. It initially started as a sort of Saturday Night Live type of parody show, and eventually moved on into a type of variety show featuring many different acts.

As time went on and it moved into English-speaking countries, striptease acts became a staple — and indeed, eventually the main attraction — of the burlesque show. However, the key to a great burlesque show lies in its origins in burla.

This doesn’t mean that every great burlesque show has to include comedy, sketches, parodies, or lampoons. However, a great burlesque show will always include a sense of play, fun, and variety, inside of it.

Think of it less as the spirit of contemporary stand-up comedy (though some do have standup acts) and more in the satirical spirit of the Shakespearean Fool. The Burlesque’s job is to expose the sexuality, humor, ugliness, and silliness behind our everyday world.

The best burlesque shows out there will be a carnivalesque feast of the sense, that incorporates many many different art forms into one.

For a Satirical Show

One of the most popular burlesque shows in Las Vegas is, even in today’s world, a very silly, campy, over-the-top act. It’s the Zombie Burlesque, a show focused on the pop-cultural fixations with the macabre and undead.

However, you could hardly call the show scary. It’s more spooky in the form of an adult-themed Halloween Party, Rocky Horror, or self-consciously campy movie like The Evil Dead 2, Amy of Darkness, Repo: The Genetic Opera, or Return of the Living Dead.

It should be known, however, that the Zombie Burlesque is considered an all-ages show. Guests under the age of 16 are allowed with accompaniment by parents. You can consider it a PG-16 sort of show.

The Zombie Burlesque is a good experience if you’re a zombie lover and want a few laughs. However, if you’re looking for something truly sexy and over-the-top it’s best to look elsewhere.

For a Show That Bares It All

If you’re looking for something a little more. . . adult. . . you might want to consider the Fantasy Burlesque. While the show is a little light on theme, it features many different performers of many different styles that promise to bear it all.

Fantasy, in many ways, is a trip through the whole range of experiences that burlesque has to offer, bringing you through any of your fantasies. They feature cowgirls, sexy schoolgirls, Latin dancers, and many more. Something unique about Fantasy is that most of the numbers they perform are sang by the showgirls themselves.

You get something of a combination between a broadway show and a strip club experience.

However, as stated earlier, Fantasy is a little light on the theme. While “all of your wildest fantasies” does cover a lot, it doesn’t cover quite as much as the greatest burlesque experience out there.

For the Ultimate Burlesque Experience

Sometimes you want something funny, sometimes you want something classic, sometimes you want a wild ride.

However, if you’re looking for the Burlesque show Las Vegas experience par excellence, look no further than AREA15.

AREA15 has just opened a burlesque wonderland of the highest order, Rated Red. It’s open now and sure to change the face of burlesque as we know it.

Rated Red is taking hints not just from the traditional forms like striptease, broadway, and campy old movies. They’re grabbing techniques from innovative immersive theatre experiences like Sleep No More, amusement park experiences like Disneyworld, and high-budget blockbuster movies.

In the show, you’ll find a multitude of dancers, a live band, and 15 unique dance numbers. It features intimate, sexy, domination-and-submission-themed performances choreographed by upcoming jazz/hip-hop choreographer Jawkeen Howard. Every part of the show also features a display of dazzling, visual, psychedelic art.

If you like contemporary pop music, experiences that push the boundaries, and dangerous shows that take no prisoners, look no further than Area 15’s Rated Red.

Go to See the Best Burlesque Las Vegas Shows

As you can see, burlesque Las Vegas shows are about much more than strippers. They’re a comedic extravaganza that’s just as important as any of other live performance traditions.

Identify the things that make a great burlesque show, then way whether you want a cartoony experience, adult experience, or something that combines it all together.

For more information on Rated Red, contact us today.

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